Eggplant in Need of the Summer Heat

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Garden in progress

Actually I’ve just realised I didn’t register for Eggplant – not sure why?  These plants will take off once Melbourne settles into a pattern of 30+ degree days. I know other gardeners in Melbourne, Scuba Steve and Hi Ho to Vegetables have Eggplants that are more advanced and flowering so next year I might start mine off earlier and keep them in the greenhouse longer.  I have found they do better if they are covered at night too.  Next to the Eggplants is a Melon which seems to be taking off.  Last year I managed to grow a large Watermelon so it will be interesting to see if I can get a Honey Dew Melon this year.  It’s nice to experiment with something new each year.  There are some interesting vegies out there after all.  DM Franks Potmarron for example and the Tomatillos that Scuba Steve is growing along with Purslane!  Yates why don’t you put a box marked “Other” so we can list the odd ones – after all we will talk about them anyway!