Summer Lawn Care

For most of us, there’s never enough time to do all the jobs on your list and as the Australian summer is a highly stressful time for all lawns, you will find that it’s the things we do both before and during the summer which will determine the overall health and appearance of our lawns in the coming months.

Also with slightly cooler weather expected over the weekend, it’s a great time to remove any unwanted weeds in your lawn, while also providing it with fertiliser for healthy lawn during summer.

A quick and easy tip…

In addtion to this we have some very helpful and easy tips to ensure your lawn is prepared to withstand the heat of summer. We will help you ensure it’s in the best health and condition prior to the onset of the heat, as well as to avoid any sudden shock to the lawn throughout the season from heat, pests and weeds.


Lawns during summer can become worn and tired from heat, outdoor play and repeated mowing. They can be rejuvenated in summer with Yates Dynamic Lifter Concentrated Lawn Food. This organic based formulation improves soil water holding ability, soil structure and health and provides extra nutrients help promote healthy green turf. Water the lawn deeply once a week to promote deep root growth.



Summer conditions can be hard on lawns that have shallow root systems, which are unable to access deeper moisture, nutrients and cooler soil. Watering your lawn thoroughly once or twice per week will help to promote the development of deeper roots. By using Yates Waterwise Hose On Soil Wetter, you improve soil structure and breaks down the waxy winter repellent layer of soil allowing more water to get down to the grass roots and be retained in the soil. This product can also be used in garden beds and is also great aid to ‘holiday proofing’ your lawn and garden.


Lawns can be destroyed by insect pests. Armyworm caterpillars can ruin large patches of lawn in late summer by stripping grass foliage. Protect the lawn and control curl grubs and armyworm by treating with Yates Complete Lawn Insect Control.

Control lawn fungal disesases with Yates Zaleton or Yates Mancozeb Plus.

Additional Lawn Care Tips