Yates Lawn Master Rapid Greening Lawn Food

Yates Lawn Master Rapid Greening Lawn Food

A fast acting liquid fertiliser promoting a lush, green, healthy lawn in days.



  • Convenient, ready to spray, hose-on product
  • Concentrated formula covers 75m2
  • High level of nitrogen plus iron for rapid greening
  • Added potassium to promote strong, healthy grass to improve resistance against wear and disease
  • Suitable for all lawns types including Buffalo
  • Greening up your lawn has never been easier or quicker


Typical analysis (% W/V): Nitrogen (N) 25, Potassium (K) 5, Iron (Fe) as EDTA 0.25

How to use

How to use

  • Water lawn and measure lawn area prior to application.
  • Apply the contents of this bottle over 75 square metres.
  • Water lawn again thoroughly 24 hours after application.

How to apply

  • Shake the pack well before applying.
  • Connect hose to hose-on applicator. You will need to have a click-on hose connector.
  • Lift plastic flap at front of applicator.
  • Turn on the tap using low to moderate water pressure. Water mixes automatically with concentrate in the proper ratio.
  • Walk and spray lawn at a steady pace whilst sweeping the spray in a back and forth arc.
  • Contents should be emptied within 2 minutes of spraying depending on water pressure (avoid using high water pressure as contents will disperse quicker). Overlap treated areas slightly. Keep bottle upright; do not point at
    the ground.
  • Close plastic flap to prevent spillage of any unused product before storing. Always store product upright.

For optimal greening results within 2 days, ensure “HOW TO USE” and “HOW TO APPLY” instructions above are followed as directed.


To maintain a lush, green lawn, re-apply product as necessary through active growing seasons, typically spring through to autumn.


Available sizes

  • 500mL
  • 1L


Material Safety Data Sheet

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