Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Tackle bindii and clover now!

We expect a lot from our lawns, we mow it, use it for a ‘friendly’ game of backyard footy and even let the dog trample all over it. If you want to get the perfect lawn, June is the ideal time to control weeds while the plants are still young and before they have had a chance to flower and develop their nasty prickles.

Most Australian lawns are semi-dormant (ie. very slow growing) over winter and this is when broadleaf weeds such as bindii and clover can start to invade. Weeds are unsightly and will compete with your lawn for water and nutrients. It is important to spray early before the weeds have a chance to establish and invade your lawn. Easily control weeds with Yates® Weed’n’Feed™ or Yates® BuffaloPRO® Weed’n’Feed™ which is specially formulated for buffalo lawns. A quick spray will kill the weeds and give your lawn a nice feed.

For most lawns including couch or kikuyu lawn -
A quick hose-on application of Yates® Weed’n’Feed® will kill both clover and bindii. A 2 L pack will treat 130 m2 and the 4 L pack will treat a large 260 m2 lawn.

For smaller lawns, you can also dilute Yates Bindii & Clover Weeder concentrate in a watering can or sprayer, which is handy when treating small lawn areas or patches of weeds.

For buffalo lawns-
It’s important to choose a buffalo safe weed killer as buffalo can be sensitive to some weed killers. Yates® BuffaloPro® Weed’n’Feed is an easy hose-on application for clover control. A 2.4 L pack will treat 120 m2 of buffalo lawn.

Yates® BuffaloPro® also comes in a concentrate, which can be diluted in a sprayer or watering can and applied over smaller areas to control clover as well as bindii.


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