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As the last of the Christmas ham and mince pies are eaten, let’s talk about what we can be doing in our gardens in mid summer. And make the most of cooler and quiet early mornings and evenings during January’s sweltering heat – it’s a lovely time to be out in the garden.

Happy gardening everyone!

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Australian Natives

This Australia Day, Aussies can take advantage of the versatile vegetation our nation boasts and celebrate by growing native. .

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Pruning your roses in summer can give you second flush of beautiful blooms in Autumn. Click here to learn more about summer rose pruning and about some fabulous new release roses

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jan18-Flowering Plants thumb

Flowering Plants

It's a festival of flowers!

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Tabbouleh anyone?

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jan18-tree and shrub thumb

Trees & Shrubs

Trees & Shrubs - How to grow some vibrant colour

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jan18-Indoor & Potted Plants main

Indoor & Potted Plants

Capture the health benefits of growing plants indoors.

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Organic Gardening

Late summer vegies need continued protection from fruit flies, here’s how!

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Kids Gardening

Pineapples are tops!

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jan18-cherry guava thumb

Cherry Guava

Jams, jellies and smoothies - oh my!

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jan18-tomato thumb


Top Tomato Tips - Learn how to keep your tomatoes healthy throughout summer.

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How to treat the deficiencies in your citrus

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Root Vegetables

Learn how to grow the sweetest potatoes

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The army is coming!

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jan18-leafy vegetable thumb

Leafy Vegetables

Transform your salads by this lovely leafy green

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Summer Stone Fruit

Look after your stone fruit.

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jan18-other vege thumb

Other Vegetables

Don't forget the vegie patch this summer.

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